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Doesnt work in IE?

Feb 23, 2011 at 2:45 PM

I can't get this to work in IE. IE8 64Bit doesn't work at all even with the test page at teethgrinder. IE8 64Bit, IE8 32bit both don't work with this project. works with IE8 32Bit but not IE8 64bit.

IE 8 32bit will display the above teethgrinder page, but this project default.aspx example doesnt work on any IE version. 

There is a JSON undefined error that is displayed when i browse to Default.aspx test page in your project, I explicitly reference JSON2.js (via script tags) and that error goes away, however the chart doesnt show. Any idea how to make this work? I have flashpayer 10 installed, normal flash sites work OK.


Jason Doyle